About Us

Welcome to Walia Jewellery Boutique!

A Leading Player!

Walia Jewellery Boutique is a leading player in the organized jewellery and luxury space in India. We are an integrated player with a focus on manufacture and distribution of branded studded jewellery, gold jewellery and other jewellery products in India and overseas.

Carrying Legacy!

Since the year 2010 Walia Jewellery Boutique jewellery has infused classical design, with contemporary elegance and glamor. For several years now, we are a leading jewellery brand known for our single minded devotion to harmonize design, quality, and service.

We’re WJB!

This new realm has us excited. We hope that we can replicate our earlier success by bringing to women, a richer, more complete world of style. We look forward to many more years of doing what we do. And we hope we can bring you joy in our doing so. 

We offer a wide range of branded jewellery under the brands Walia Jewellery Boutique. Our distribution network is spread across 50 cities and towns in India, with more than 500 POS across distributors, shop-in-shops and stores. Given our extensive experience in the jewellery industry, we have created an omni-channel distribution network, across company owned stores, franchisees, retailers, and SIS in departmental stores, airports, malls and other high footfall areas. In addition to the sale of jewellery through our distributors, SIS and stores, we also sell jewellery through digital channels and online sales on our website as well as through other aggregators.

The world we live in is infinite in its brilliance and wonderment, just as the stars that inhabit the boundless sky. They make us who we are. Like diamonds, we are also made from these stars. We are one. We now add a new facet to this celebration. Exclusive fashion lines by wonderfully talented designers; masters of their craft. Each of them sharing with us the same unwavering sense of purpose.